Vasalunds IF vs Team TG FF pre-match information

new typeNewsPosted on September 17,2020

On September 19, 2020, Vasalunds and Team will compete in District 1 of Sweden. The referee will start the game at 18:30. Therefore, the current top team in the league will challenge 14th.

The two teams met for the last time, they will win in two games with Vasalunds, and the zero game will end in a tie.

The latest statistics of Vasalunds IF

Vasalunds IF recently won a 1:4 match against IK Frej. The home team has won 13 of the 17 games in the last six months. Vasarundes scored eight victories at home, one game and zero losses. In this season, Vasarundes has won 88.89% of the games (8 of 9) in his stadium. After 17 games this season, Vasalunds has won 13 games, two draws and two losses.

Before the break, Pascal Simpson's team scored more goals. Currently, Vasarundes has averaged 3,78 goals and 0,56 goals conceded per home game. A total of 4,33 goals were scored in each game. Last season's scoring record showed that Vasarundes had an average of 3,78 goals at home. The average number of goals conceded in each home game is 0,56. The most common results of their home games last season were 4:0, 2:1 or 2:2. In the current season, the most common outcome of a home game is 4:0, 2:1 or 2:2.


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