Valencia vs Cadiz: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on January 04,2021


State of Valencia:

Valencia's recent trend is extremely poor. There are currently as many as 7 league matches. The last round of the league lost to the mid-range team Granada 1-2. The team can be described as losing and losing, respectively Sagorio and Gede The two people left the field in red, and the suspension had a lot of influence on the team's formation. At present, the team has finished 16 rounds and recorded a record of 3 wins, 6 draws and 7 losses. With 15 points, it ranks third from the bottom. It is in the relegation zone and has certain relegation pressure.

Status of Cadiz:

After 16 rounds of this season, Cadiz has achieved 5 wins, 4 draws and 7 losses. The overall performance is quite satisfactory and is currently ranked in the middle. In the last round of the league, Valladolid was down 0-0 at home. In the last 4 rounds of the league, he missed a goal and the offensive performance was extremely poor. Although the team is a newly promoted team, the two La Liga giants double-killing Real Madrid and Barcelona can be described as brilliant. However, the team's offense is very weak, with an average of 0.69 goals per game, which is the team with the worst offensive firepower in La Liga.


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