UEFA Europa League Young Boys vs Ajax: Match Tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 18,2021


Current statistics of Young Boys

The Young Boys drew 2-2 in St. Gallen in the last round of the league. They have been unable to win five consecutive games recently, and their state and morale have deteriorated sharply. Moreover, the team has recently conceded five consecutive games in various competitions, and the stability of the defensive end is gradually declining. In addition, the first round against Ajax has fallen behind 0-3. This may not be a good fight.

Current statistics of Ajax

Ajax defeated Zewolle 2-0 in an away game in the last round of the league, extending its unbeaten record in all competitions to 21 games. The overall state and morale are excellent. In addition, the team took away half of the main force in the last battle, and this battle still has the meaning of staying power, and the fighting spirit is quite high. In addition to the first round of the match, Ajax scored 9 of 21 shots in the game, and limited the young people's stats to only one shot. There is a huge gap between the strength of the two sides.


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