UEFA Europa League Villarreal vs Arsenal: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on 2021-04-29 11:08


Current statistics of Villarreal

Villarreal recently entered the evolutionary game. The team's recent tactical style is very unrestrained; the current team coach is Emery, but he still wants to beat Arsenal to advance; the team has scored in every game recently. The current scoring rate has reached 1.5 goals and the output is stable; and as long as the goal is scored first in the game, the final result can basically sit and hope to win, playing well in good times. But the past 6 games have conceded goals, during which a total of 8 goals have been conceded. The team has recent defensive problems.

Current statistics of Arsenal

Arsenal eliminated Slavia Prague in the quarter-finals, and once again entered the Europa League semi-finals after one season. Due to the poor performance of Arsenal's league this season, there is no hope of fighting for the four, so they have to be in the next season. In the Champions League, you can only win through the Europa League, so the Gunners will also devote all their energy to the challenge.


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