UEFA Europa League Olympiakos Piraeus vs Arsenal: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 11,2021


Current statistics of Olympiakos Piraeus

Olympiakos Piraeus has played well in the domestic league and is still leading the league standings. From the point of view of offensive and defensive data, Olympiakos Piraeus not only has a terrifying offensive firepower, averaging nearly 2.5 goals per game, and the defense is also solid, and the concealment rate is controlled. About 0.5 goals, of course, these are all performances at their own door. Once out, Olympiakos Piraeus still has to suffer a lot. Prior to this, the UEFA Champions League group lost 5 games and was forced to drop into the Europa League battlefield to face the Dutch Eredivisie team. Eindhoven only beat his opponent by one goal, completely losing the strength of the domestic league.

Current statistics of Arsena

Arsenal’s performance in the league this season is very mediocre. As of now, they are still only in the middle of the league, and the team is currently behind the European theater by as much as 10 points. It is really difficult to counterattack, so the team's next focus is on I believe it will be placed in the UEFA Europa League, and the recent record of the team has also been obviously picking up. There has been only one loss in the past 6 matches. As far as the last few days are concerned, Arsenal's state is still quite good. The weaker opponents personally feel that Arsenal are capable of winning and pursuing.


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