UEFA Europa League Granada vs Molde: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 11,2021


Current statistics of Granada

Granada lost 1-2 away to Athletic Bilbao in the last round of the league. In the last 7 rounds of the league, there were only 1 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses. During this period, it only defeated the underdog Elche at home, and the team's state was relatively sluggish. At present, Granada is temporarily ranked 10th in La Liga, and there is not much pressure for performance for the time being, which allows them to devote themselves to the Europa League. In the last lap, they had already eliminated Serie A powerhouse Naples quite unexpectedly. This time against the average-strength Molde, Granada certainly hopes to continue to advance.

Current statistics of Molde

The Norwegian Super League has not yet started the new season, so Molde can now put all his energy in the Europa League. In the last lap of the match, Molde had a surprising result. After they drew with Hoffenheim 3-3 in the first round, they defeated their opponent 2-0 in the second round to advance. In fact, in the UEFA Europa League this season, Molde also lost only two games. Both scenes were against the Premier League powerhouse Arsenal, which shows that they are by no means incapable of resisting European-level opponents.


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