UEFA Europa League Granada vs Manchester United: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on April 08,2021


Current statistics of Granada

Granada has not performed very well in recent games. In the past two league games, it has lost to Valencia and Villarreal, and once again suffered a losing streak. From a data point of view, Granada's recent defensive existence A big problem. A total of 7 goals have been lost in the past 3 matches, which directly caused their record to take a turn for the worse. Although they are still ranked in the top ten in the league, this will definitely hurt the morale of Granada and cause the ball. One of the reasons for the team's poor defense is that they have too many injuries, many of the main players are unable to play, resulting in a sharp drop in overall combat power.

Current statistics of Manchester United

Although Manchester United were eliminated in the FA Cup, their performance is still very good overall. They also have a very good record in the Premier League. They are currently ranked second and successfully defeated Brighton in the previous round. In particular, Rashford and Cavani cooperated and became more proficient. This is one of the reasons for Manchester United's good results. However, it is worth mentioning that Manchester United currently has some hidden dangers in player health. Previously, the center The position of Martial in this battle is still doubtful.


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