UEFA Europa League Fenerbahce vs Royal Antwerp match preview

new typeFootballPosted on 2021-10-21 10:48


Current statistics of Fenerbahce

Fenerbahçe lost 1-3 away to Trabzonspor in the last round, and the momentum of the league’s three-game winning streak was ended. Counting the previous round of the European War at home with a 0-3 defeat to Olympiacos, Fenerbahçe Bache has lost two of the last three games, and his overall state and morale have been severely frustrated. The team's recent defense is basically useless. Recently, it has conceded eight consecutive games in various competitions. During the period, a total of 13 goals have been conceded, and the average conceded is nearly 2 goals per game.

Current statistics of Royal Antwerp

Antwerp is also similar in recent times. After losing 1-2 to Wilshire in the last round of away games, it was also nearly three losses and two losses, which was obviously affected by the intensive schedule. But to make matters worse, Antwerp suffered a losing streak in the Europa group stage. Facing Olympiacos and Frankfurt both lost and ended, the prospect of qualifying was dim. This time there may not be enough fighting intention. In addition, Antwerp has never been good at away games. The scores won in away games are basically based on the abuse of food. The win in this game is very small.


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