UEFA Europa League Dinamo Zagreb vs Tottenham Hotspur: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 18,2021


Current statistics of Dynamo Zagreb

Dinamo Zagreb has been in excellent form recently. In the last round of the league, he had 5 goals and zero goals for Vodice. He has won 9 games in all competitions in the last 10 games, and his morale is good. The team currently ranks first in the Croatian Serie A, with Osjak leading behind by only 2 points in a short round. In addition, he has won 6 games in the past 6 home games. During the rest period, he didn't lose a goal and pierced all the data. The performance was excellent. However, losing to Tottenham in the first round by 2 goals, this time again, I am afraid that it will be difficult to make a difference.

Current statistics of Tottenham Hotspur

After defeating their opponents with 2 goals in the first leg, Tottenham scored a five-game winning streak, but in the last round of the North London Derby against Arsenal, they lost the game by a score of 1-2 and scored one. The red card can be described as losing and losing, the team should be full of grievances. In terms of lineup, the team's regular main players such as Ali, Olier and Ben Davis have been given a rotation in the league, and they can complete their appearances in this game, which is worthy of attention.


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