UEFA Europa League Celtic FC vs AZ Alkmaar: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on 2021-08-18 17:57


Current statistics of Celtic FC

Celtic FC are regular visitors in UEFA. This season, due to the defeat of the Champions League qualifier, they were downgraded to play in the Europa League. The team showed its strength advantage in the last lap, and the host and guest fried their opponents to advance. This round of opponent AZ Alkmaar can only warm up by playing the friendly game of the club in the near future. It is still unknown whether the players can adapt to the fierce game. Therefore, Celtic who fight at home this battle is expected to win it first.

Current statistics of AZ Alkmaar

The Celtics have the home court advantage, and have come here after many knockouts. Their key game fighting ability is worthy of recognition. Coupled with the support of Odds, they have a full opportunity to take the initiative in the first round. In contrast, AZ Alkmaars lineup has undergone a major change of blood, and it still needs time to adjust and run in. On the whole, the Celtics can seize the first opportunity.


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