UEFA Europa League Arsenal vs Benfica: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on 2021-02-25 09:42


Current statistics of Arsenal

Arsenal's net investment in transfer fees in the last three seasons is not a lot, but the results are very average. In the past two seasons, they only ranked 5th and 8th in the Premier League. This season is even worse. So far, they have played 25 league games. , But the team still can only struggle in the middle of the standings, and the state of the team has not improved at all in recent times. After losing to Manchester City in the last round, the team has only won 1 game in the past 6 matches. Not only did the front line have the problem of misfire, but the quality of the line of defense was also very average, which was quite disappointing.

Current statistics of Benfica

Benfica has achieved good results in recent multi-line battles. The Portuguese Cup semi-final defeated Estoril 3-1 to grasp the opportunity to advance. Europa drew with the Gunners in the first leg of the match. The league is also unbeaten for 4 consecutive games. The overall record is similar. More stable than Arsenal. Given that Benfica has fallen behind Sporting Lisbon by as much as 15 in the league this season and has completely lost the qualification to win the championship. Therefore, the focus of the team's next battle is believed to be completely placed on the cup, especially in the European competition. The fighting spirit is naturally more sufficient.


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