UEFA Europa League AC Milan vs Manchester United: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 18,2021


Current statistics of AC Milan

AC Milan’s recent schedule is relatively frequent, and physical fitness is obviously overwhelming. They did not play the home advantage against Naples in the last round of the home scene, and eventually lost 0-1, further widening the difference with Inter Milan, and the second position was taken by Juventus. It is only a matter of time before Sri Lanka's overtake estimates. The Rossoneri, which is currently plagued by injuries, needs to compete for the European war while still distracting from the league competition, which is a test of the team's tactical deployment.

Current statistics of Manchester United

Manchester United is currently suffering from injuries. Cavani, Pogba and other core players are still unable to come in handy. However, compared to AC Milan, the team is still stable and has been 13 in a row. The undefeated record in all competitions is due to the team's excellent defense. It is necessary to know that the team has been able to clean opponents in 5 of the past 6 games.


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