UEFA Cup Benfica vs Arsenal: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on February 18,2021


Current statistics of Benfica

Benfica drew 1-1 with Morilance in the last round of the league. He has remained unbeaten in all competitions in the past four games. The overall state and morale are fair. The team has clearly retained its strength in the last battle. The main force is only half of the field. , Obviously want to make a difference on the European front, this campaign must have a higher fighting intention. However, they played one more cup match in the middle of last week and suffered a lot in terms of physical reserves, and their home court advantage has weakened. This campaign may not let go of their hands and feet.

Current statistics of Arsenal

Arsenal defeated Leeds 4-2 at home in the last round, ending their three-game losing streak, and their state and morale have rebounded. The team's recent defensive weakness has been weak. In the past three games, they have conceded goals, and their attributes of taking the rich and helping the poor this season are very obvious. They will frequently send points when facing lower opponents. In addition, Arsenal's lineup has been weakened. , This season's away combat effectiveness is poor, this campaign may also be played more conservatively.


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