UEFA Champions League Real Madrid vs Atalanta: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 16,2021


Current statistics of Real Madrid

Real Madrid's overall performance is still quite good. Recently, they have a good dominance in La Liga. Not only did they gain a wave of winning streaks, but they also drew at Atletico Madrid during the period, preventing their opponents from widening the gap and retaining a certain chance of winning In the Champions League, Real Madrid won 1-0 away from Atlanta in the first leg. Returning to the home court this time, Real Madrid naturally has more confidence and room for adjustment.

Current statistics of Atlanta

For Atlanta, this will be a crucial battle with Real Madrid. Although it is temporarily 0-1 behind and there are no goals in the first round, as long as the team leads the first goal, there is still hope. This game It is bound to do its best, and Atlanta has been in a good state recently. Except for the loss to Inter Milan in the past four games, the rest have not been able to win smoothly, and morale has recovered.


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