UEFA Champions League PSG vs Manchester City: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on May 04,2021


Current statistics of PSG

PSG has no retreat and must play an efficient offense to counterattack away. Whether Mbappé, who underperformed in the first round, can break out in this game is crucial to whether PSG can reverse the game in the away game. , Mbappe has scored 37 goals and 10 assists for PSG in all competitions this season. It is the team's engine and attack spear. His state directly affects the overall performance of PSG.

Current statistics of Manchester City

Manchester City currently has an enviable midfield lineup. The four players of Rodri, Foden, De Bruyne and Bernardo are worth more than 70 million euros. The four players have contributed to Manchester City in all competitions. With 30 goals and 39 assists, it can be called Manchester City's four-wheel drive engine. The control of the midfield is the magic weapon for Manchester City to win. In the first leg of the game, the possession rate was 60%-40% ahead of Paris.


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