UEFA Champions League PSG vs Bayern Munchen: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on April 13,2021


Current statistics of PSG

PSG beat Strasbourg 4-1 in an away game in the last round of the league. After winning four of the past five games in all competitions, the overall performance is fairly stable. After the team played the first round with Bayern in the middle of the week, it seemed that the negative impact of the receptors was not significant. There were still 7 goals in two consecutive away games, and the striker played very stable. However, it should be noted that the main defensive midfielder Marchinhos injured and left the game during the last round. After diagnosis, he will miss the round. In addition, the main goalkeeper Navas has also been injured in the league to become a doubt. Fortunately, Villati and Florenzi will end the isolation, and the depth of the midfield will be greatly supplemented. In addition, Neymar was suspended in the league and got the opportunity to rest. This player is still doing quite well. .

Current statistics of Bayern Munchen

Bayern Munchen has been very unsatisfactory recently. The team was tied 1-1 at home in the last round of the league by the poorly formed Berlin. The last two games have been unwinnable, and the performance in Lewandowski’s absence was very poor. In addition, Bayern Munchen’s injury has recently intensified. The main midfielder Gretzka is also likely to be injured. The position of the midfielder can only be replaced by Alaba. Although Boateng and Lucas can come back, but In this kind of high-level confrontation game, there are very few supplements, and the player transfer is still inferior to the opponent.


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