UEFA Champions League Porto vs Chelsea: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on April 07,2021


Current statistics of Porto

Porto has won three consecutive victories in the recent period, which is undoubtedly a great benefit for them. It will help them build enough confidence before the Champions League. At the same time, Porto's current main players are basically healthy. As soon as Porto can play with the strongest lineup, the combat effectiveness is guaranteed, and Porto is in good shape in the Champions League this season. The last round of Juventus, where Ronaldo is eliminated, is impressive.

Current statistics of Chelsea

Chelsea rose strongly after Tuchel’s coaching. It wasn’t until the last round that they had their first defeat after taking office. Moreover, after Tuchel’s construction, the away combat effectiveness of the team has also increased sharply, such as Liverpool, Tottenham and Atletico Madrid. Becoming their defeated player, this series of performances has made Chelsea the most unpredictable team in the Champions League quarter-finals, and even one of the potential champions. Although the loss to West Brom last weekend was a bit disappointing, but among them There are reasons such as retention and red cards. I believe that in the Champions League, they will not let the same thing happen again.


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