UEFA Champions League Paris Saint Germain vs Barcelona: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 10,2021


Current statistics of Paris Saint Germain

The first round of the match against Paris 4-1 took the lead in the advancement, and the morale was undoubtedly better when returning to the home game in the second round of this game. The team beat Brest 3-0 in the last French Cup, and Mbappé scored twice to help the team seal the victory. In the last 3 games, there were no opponents and morale was good. On the offensive side, he scored a total of 8 goals, with strong firepower. In the face of Barcelona, which is also doing well in recent times, Paris is still more careful.

Current statistics of Barcelona

Barcelona's recent performance has been quite strong. In the last round of the league, they beat Osasuna 2-0. Although Messi did not score in the game, his performance was very good, sending two assists as the highest-rated player. After the war, the team recently won 4 consecutive victories and penetrated all the data, and all achieved zero seals, scoring a total of 9 goals, which can be described as both offensive and defensive. Although the team was in a passive position due to the defeat in the first round, the promotion situation is not optimistic.


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