UEFA Champions League Monchengladbach vs Manchester City: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on 2021-02-24 09:18


Current statistics of Monchengladbach

The state of Borussia is not very good recently. In the recent 3 rounds, there was no win. The last round was upset and defeated by the relegation team Mainz. Compared with the previous round, there is a clear downward trend. After this wave of points lost, The current ranking of Borussia has fallen out of the top six, morale is inevitably damaged, and what you need to know is that Borussia has never achieved any results in the Champions League. Faced with the current menacing Manchester City, I think they are The league will be more concerned about impacting the European theater, so it is difficult to guarantee the lack of fighting spirit in this cup.

Current statistics of Manchester City

Manchester City is currently at its peak. After defeating Arsenal in the last round, the team has won 18 consecutive victories in all competitions and is unbeaten in 25 consecutive matches. They currently top the Premier League by 10 points ahead of Manchester United. The quality of defense during the period Comparable to Atletico Madrid, so the team is currently not only morale strong, but also has enough room for them to shift their focus to the Cup, even if the game is away, I believe it is full of power.


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