UEFA Champions League Manchester City vs Monchengladbach: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 16,2021


Current statistics of Manchester City

Although Manchester United was lost to Manchester United before, Manchester City’s invincibility aura is still there. The past two matches have won the opponents easily. The team currently has no shortcomings at both offensive and defensive ends, and the team has no shortcomings. There are not too many injuries in terms of injuries. In the recent Lien Chan’s winning streak and high morale, he is naturally full of confidence. What's more, the goal that Manchester City has not achieved for so many years is to win the Champions League smoothly. Now it is in the majors. With the wealthy teams having problems, I believe Manchester City will not waste this heaven-sent opportunity.

Current statistics of Monchengladbach

Mönchengladbach is a very strong team, but they have suffered some injuries recently, which caused serious problems in the team's strength and state. During the period, they won an unprecedented 6-game losing streak. Up to now, it has not been alleviated, and what is even more miserable is that during this period, Monchengladbach suffered multiple zero seals. Obviously, their strike power has been much worse than before.


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