UEFA Champions League Liverpool vs Real Madrid: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on April 14,2021


Current statistics of Liverpool

The main reason for Liverpool's poor performance this season must be the long-term absence of the main defender, which has greatly reduced the team's strength. Judging from recent games, Liverpool’s signs of recovery in the league are more obvious. However, in the Champions League, they lost 1-3 away to Real Madrid in the first leg. Even if they return to home in this game, it is still very difficult to get back. .

Current statistics of Real Madrid

Real Madrid is clearly in good shape recently. They beat Barcelona 2-1 at home in the national derby at the weekend. They have achieved 6 consecutive victories in various competitions recently, and they have also been unbeaten in 13 consecutive games. At present, Real Madrid's hopes for the championship in the league have been greatly improved, and the chances of entering the semi-finals of the Champions League are also huge. However, it should be noted that the absence of Ramos and Varane, the main defensive force, will still pose a great hidden danger to Real Madrid's defense.


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