UEFA Champions League Chelsea vs Real Madrid: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on May 05,2021


Current statistics of Chelsea

There is no hope for Chelsea to compete in the Premier League, but they still need to grab the Champions League spot next season. In addition, the team has advanced to the FA Cup final. The team currently needs three lines to fight, and each line is a game that cannot be lost. This will test Tuchel’s formation. Fortunately, the depth of the bench in the Chelsea team is still deep enough, especially the offensive end of the team is more blooming, even if the rotation will not cause the team to misfire, it is enough to cope with multi-line combat. task.

Current statistics of Real Madrid

Real Madrid is also facing the heavy task of fighting for the championship in La Liga. At present, the team is 2 points behind Atletico Madrid. To win the championship, there is a glimmer of hope for the subsequent league to maintain a full victory. Real Madrid also faces the choice of two-line combat. From the perspective of Madrid's lineup, Hazard has just recovered from injury and is in doubt. The team has to rely on Benzema to carry the offensive banner, which will be a great test for Benzema.


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