UEFA Champions League Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 17,2021


Current statistics of Chelsea

Chelsea have not yet tasted defeat in the game after coach Tuchel took office, and maintained a 70% winning rate. It can be regarded as the best time for Chelsea this season. Such a good result also sees Chelsea see the Premier League four and the hope of winning the cup. . It is not difficult to find that the defensive quality of the team now has been greatly improved. Under Tuchel's adjustment, the past five games have not lost a goal, almost first-class level. This is also the biggest capital for them to contend with Atletico Madrid.

Current statistics of Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid seems to have experienced some fatigue recently. It has suffered consecutive losses in the league and the Champions League before. Fortunately, the team adjusted immediately afterwards. Atletico Madrid has undergone significant changes in the last four matches. Not only is it unbeaten in a row. During the period, he also scored 4 points in Villarreal and Real Madrid. Although Atletico Madrid is only an away game, looking at their recent away performances, they are also quite outstanding, maintaining a winning rate of up to 70%. To a certain extent, they will have more confidence in the reversal of their visit to the next round.


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