UEFA Champions League Besiktas JK vs Borussia Dortmund match preview

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Current statistics of Besiktas JK

Besiktas started the season very well in the Turkish Super League. After four rounds of the league, he played a wave of 3 wins and 1 tie, and his state was quite stable. The team loaned back midfielder Pjanic from Barcelona in the offseason, and the midfielder's strength immediately improved to a level. The four rounds of the league in the new season have collected 7 goals and kept the goal open. They currently top the league table. This time there is capital to invest in the Champions League front, and the fighting spirit will be more sufficient.

Current statistics of Borussia Dortmund

As for Dortmund, the overall performance of the team at the start of the season was relatively erratic. They had lost consecutive losses to Bayern and Freiburg before, and they had a wave of two consecutive victories after the 4-3 away game against Leverkusen in the last round of the league. , Very elusive. But what is certain is that Dortmund's play continued the opening and closing performance of last season. Since the new season, goals have been scored in six main matches, and the total number of goals per game has reached more than 3 goals, and it has come to the Champions League. There is a high probability that the battle line will continue the method of brushing data.


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