Tottenham Hotspur vs Brentford: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on January 04,2021


After a short period of downturn, Tottenham have now re-adjusted their status and have recovered a good fighting capacity in the last few games. In the last round, they even defeated Leeds 3-0 with one less player. In terms of overall strength, the current Spurs are still one of the best performing teams in the five major leagues. Not only do they perform well in offensive and defensive performance, but also have satisfactory multi-line combat results. The Europa League and the English League Cup have also passed the test. Reached the semi-finals, and Tottenham has now returned to its former glory. With the current team's main players in good condition, this game is undoubtedly worth continuing to look forward to.

Brentford has performed very well this season. The team has temporarily won 11 games after 22 rounds. At the same time, the league has only lost 3 games so far, with an unbeaten rate of 86%. They are now ranked 4th in the standings. It is only 2 points away from the direct promotion zone, so the team's fighting spirit this season is quite strong, especially in the case of a wave of 4 consecutive victories in various competitions recently, it is naturally hoped to be able to win the pursuit.


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