Spanish La Liga Rayo Vallecano vs FC Barcelona: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on 2021-10-27 17:44


Current statistics of Rayo Vallecano

Vallecano should be the most surprising team this season, although Osasuna is also quite amazing, but Vallecano is a newly promoted team after all, the strength of which is much worse than Osasuna. Recently, Vallecano seems to be not as strong as before, but Hu reminded everyone that they lost all away, but it was terrible at home. The previous 4 home games were all won, and they averaged 3 goals per game. Li was so frightened that even Falcao found his second spring with them. Therefore, judging from their current momentum, it is hard to say what kind of ending can be played by playing Barcelona at home.

Current statistics of FC Barcelona

Barcelona lost to Real Madrid in the national derby at home. I watched that game too. To be honest, I didn’t lose at all. Barcelona is indeed one step behind Real Madrid. That game was the only one against Barcelona. The consolation was that Aguero scored a goal. What is strange is that some time ago, Barcelona fans and the media called for Koeman to dismiss the class, but after losing to the biggest enemy, it was unexpectedly calm. Is this the quiet before the storm?


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