Southampton VS Liverpool: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on January 04,2021


State of Southampton:

Southampton’s recent ability to grab points is not as good as before. After being tied at home by West Ham in the last round, the team has lost four consecutive league rounds. During this period, it has been blocked by opponents for three times, although the team’s main center, Ince, was in the last round. He recovered from the injury during the game, but apparently the state of the striker has also been affected by successive injuries. The whole game was ineffective. Next, coach Hasen Hüter needs to improve his striker as soon as possible. Misfire this problem.

State of Liverpool:

Liverpool’s recent draws have lost points on many occasions. Although the overall trend is fairly stable and the unbeaten record is still continuing, the efficiency of grabbing points is obviously not better than before. In terms of points, it has been tied by Manchester United behind. There are not as many wins as Manchester United, which fully shows that Liverpool's ability to win this season has indeed deteriorated. Although Liverpool is still the team with the most goals in the Premier League this season, their offensive firepower in the last two league rounds is obvious. Weakened, the last round was upset by Newcastle, and if you want to defend the current championship, Liverpool has a lot to do next.


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