Sochaux vs Dunkerque:match preview

new typeFootballPosted on January 05,2021


Status of Sochaux:

Sochaux's 4-1 victory over the opponents by Caen in the last round made the team's morale greatly improved. All of the last six games have remained unbeaten. The team's recent competitive state is good. Sochaux has the last ten games. A total of 14 goals were scored, and the offensive firepower was guaranteed, which could better help the team win, but Sochaux's defense is more aggressive, and the team has already won red cards in three games.

Status of Dunkerque:

Dunkkui has failed to win three consecutive games. The team's recent state is extremely bad. Dunkkui's away combat ability is not strong. Both away games also ended in defeat. The defensive end is full of loopholes and relatively weak, and it is easy for the opponent to score a chance. In the last ten games, 15 goals have been lost. This away challenge to Sochau, Dunkkui may be difficult to win.


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