Serie A Verona vs Bologna: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on May 17,2021


Current statistics of Verona

Verona is currently ranked 10th in the league. The season is about to end and the team is not under pressure to relegation. Therefore, the next games are expected to play more casually. The recent state trend is not good. The last 7 games have been played. Failed to win, but the firepower on the offensive end was guaranteed, and he has scored goals in several consecutive games.

Current statistics of Bologna

Bologna’s history and Verona have had the advantage over the past ten encounters. However, the overall performance is not good. Only three victories have been achieved in the last ten games. It is worth mentioning that the defense line is relatively weak, almost In every game, the goal is scored by the opponent, and coupled with not good at away games, this challenge to Verona seems to be difficult.


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