Serie A Roma vs Lazio: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on May 15,2021


Current statistics of Roma

Roma faced the strong Inter Milan in the last round, and finally lost 1-3, ending the previous two-game winning streak. The team is currently ranked 7th and can only be the final record of the season. However, behind There is also Sensoro chasing, the team must stabilize the seventh goal, and this game is the last home.

Current statistics of Lazio

Lazio defeated the second-to-last Parma 1-0 at home in the last round, and the match was very thrilling. The victory was locked in 4 minutes of stoppage time. It can be seen that the team is not strong in fighting spirit and it is worth mentioning. Yes, the team has suffered losses in the past 2 away games, and the total number of goals conceded is as high as 7 goals. There is a greater hidden danger on the defensive end. You need to pay extra attention to this game.


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