Serie A Roma vs Bologna: match preview and tips

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Current statistics of Roma

Roma played at home in the last Europa Cup quarter-finals and defeated the Eredivisie powerhouse Ajax 2-1 in the first round. Although the team was in a passive state in the first half, fortunately, they pulled two goals in the second half and finally reaped the victory. In the league, it has ranked 7th in the league with 51 points in 29 rounds so far. It is only 5 points away from the top 5 European theaters, and the momentum for points grabbing is not bad. The recent three league games have not won, and they have been hit by 1 draw and 2 losses, and morale is not good. Fortunately, the team has a certain fighting ability at home. So far, it has a winning rate of more than 60%, and has averaged 2.2 goals per game, with strong firepower.

Current statistics of Bologna

In contrast, Bologna is currently ranked in the middle of the league, and the overall performance is quite satisfactory. After losing 0-1 at home to Inter Milan in the last round of the league, the previous two-game winning streak ended and morale declined. And the team is strong and weak this season, the home team can score 21 points, while the away game has only scored 13 points so far, and only achieved 3 victories, poor winning ability. Coupled with only 1 goal per game, the offensive firepower is relatively weak. Facing Rome, whose strength is higher than his own, Bologna's trip may be difficult to win.


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