Serie A Parma vs Inter Milan: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 04,2021


Current statistics of Palma

Parma's performance this season has regressed significantly. Last season, he still achieved a mid-range position, but has now fallen into the relegation zone and is still 5 points away from the safety zone. The reason is that the offensive end is weak, and the team only finished 24 rounds. With 19 goals, it is the weakest team in the league. In the past 9 league home games, 8 games have been blocked by opponents.

Current statistics of Inter Milan

Inter Milan currently leads the standings with a 4 points advantage. For the team, they must grab points and firmly rank. They successfully won Genoa 3-0 at home in the last round. At present, they have won 4 victories in 5 games in all competitions, and they are in a very hot state.


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