Serie A Lazio vs AC Milan: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on April 26,2021


Current statistics of Lazio

Lazio is currently ranked 6th in the league and there are still 7 rounds left. In theory, there is still a chance to compete for the Champions League. However, their recent loss to Naples in Serie A has been a blow to morale. Now the difficulty of the Champions League is increasing. Not small, the gratifying thing is that their home record is amazing, and they are currently 9-game winning streak.

Current statistics of AC Milan

AC Milan has dropped from the top of the list to second place, and even the status of the Champions League is now shaky. The current 2-5 teams are very close. We don’t know who will qualify for the Champions League until the last moment. The team will naturally try their best to grab the Champions League. Points, but the disadvantage is that the team is currently full of wounded soldiers, Ibrahimovic, Benasa, Hernandez are all suspicious, and it is a bigger test for the team.


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