Serie A Juventus vs Parma: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on April 21,2021


Current statistics of Juventus

Juventus lost to Atlanta 0-1 in the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo in the last round. It has been transferred to No. 4 in the league. The Champions League seat is still not stable. In theory, the team needs to strive for more points. , But the current absence of Ronaldo has a greater impact on the team, and 25 of the team's 61 goals were contributed by Ronaldo.

Current statistics of Palma

Parma is currently in the bottom 2nd place in the league and is 10 points away from the safety zone. It has become one of the most popular relegation this season. There is not much time left for the team to relegation. They faced the downstream team Cagliari in the last round. They played very aggressively. The two sides scored three points in football. Unfortunately, the team lost 3-4 in the end. This scene will not easily defeat the stronger Juventus.


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