Serie A Juventus vs Napoli: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on April 07,2021


Current statistics of Juventus

Juventus currently has 56 points with Naples and only ranks fourth in the league with a goal difference advantage. At least this game must be unbeaten to keep fourth. Fortunately, the team has an excellent home record. The winning percentage is as high as 71%, but the last time he lost to Benevento.

Current statistics of Napoli

Napoli's recent state is quite stable. The team has so far remained unbeaten in all competitions for 7 consecutive games and won 6 games. The last round defeated the underdog Crotone 4-3. As long as they win this game, they will be able to overtake. Ranked third in the league table, they have a balanced play both at home and away, but they have suffered a 6-game losing streak earlier in the away game.


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