Serie A Juventus vs Inter Milan: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on May 15,2021


Current statistics of Juventus

Juventus will usher in a battle with Inter Milan in this game. If Juventus fails to win Inter Milan and Naples wins Fiorentina at the same time, then Juventus's Champions League seat will be shattered early. I never thought that Inter Milan ended Juventus' 9 consecutive championships this season, and it will also determine whether Juventus can enter the Champions League.

Current statistics of Inter Milan

In the past two rounds of the league, Inter Milan defeated Sampdoria 5-1 and Roma 3-1 respectively, and these two games were still completed without being all the main players. It can be seen that Inter Milan's main players in rotation, next A round against Juventus will not relax, perhaps the main force to send him to the Europa League is also a kind of respect for the opponent.


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