Serie A Inter Milan vs Sassuolo: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on April 07,2021


Current statistics of Inter Milan

Inter Milan currently beat AC Milan to the top of the league table with an advantage of 8 points with one less round. They are the hottest team to win the championship. They are in good shape recently. They have won all the past 9 Serie A games and played away in the last round. A small 1-0 victory over Bologna, the current morale is in a period of high.

Current statistics of Sassuolo

Sassuolo is currently in the middle of the league rankings and is still 12 points away from the European theater. Due to their limited strength, it is quite difficult for them to compete in the European war. Although their offensive performance is still good, their defensive performance is not good, offensive and defensive. The imbalance of the system caused the team to be in the mid-range position. They lost 5 out of 7 away games, and their ability to fight off-site was relatively poor.


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