Serie A Genoa vs Udinese: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 13,2021


Current statistics of Genoa

Genoa’s recent performance is showing signs of decline. Since entering early February, the team has so far lost five consecutive Serie A games, including two defeats. Among them, they faced Rome in the last round, regardless of the ball possession rate or possession rate. There was no advantage in the number of shots, and eventually lost 0-1. The team has conceded 4 consecutive games so far. The most important thing is to strengthen the defense. They are currently in the middle position.

Current statistics of Udinese

Udinese's performance this season is also relatively mediocre. At present, the total points are 5 points higher than Genoa. The gap is not too big. Their home and away performances are not very prominent. The offensive and defensive teams are not good, especially in the away game. The winning rate is only 23%, weak scoring ability. Fortunately, the team has become more and more brave in the recent past. They have been unbeaten in the past 4 Serie A games, including an away draw with the stronger AC Milan, but the away game has not improved. Has not won 3 consecutive away games.


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