Serie A AC Milan vs Napoli: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 14,2021


Current statistics of AC Milan

AC Milan's last match was a perfect draw against Manchester United at the end. It took the initiative and also improved morale. So far, it has remained unbeaten in 5 consecutive matches and the state is relatively stable. However, the team's home performance is worrying. The team has not won three consecutive home games and has lost one of them.

Current statistics of Napoli

Napoli recent performance can be described as more and more courageous. The team has remained unbeaten in the past 4 matches and has won 3 games. It has now reached the sixth place in the league table. Behind it, Lazio is struggling to catch up in order to consolidate the qualifications of the European war. , The team can't afford to lose, but their away performance is still sluggish, the past 7 away games have not won, and 6 of them have suffered defeats.


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