Qualification in Europe Ukraine vs Finland: match preview

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Current statistics of Ukraine

Ukraine's overall strength is relatively balanced, but the team has been difficult to achieve in the competition. The European qualifiers have faced France in the first round. However, thanks to the team's defense, they finally won 1 point from the World Cup defending champion. Ukraine He is good at home games. In the past ten home games, his unbeaten rate has reached 90%. This time against Finland, he may have a chance to win a good start. .

Current statistics of Finland

Finland had a fierce battle with Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last game, and fell behind in the second half. At this time striker Puki scored twice to save the team. In the end, the two sides reached a 2-2 draw. Finland's recent state of affairs is doing well. The past 7 games There was only one defeat, and the team performed well on the offensive end. In the past eight games, they have scored goals, but they are lacking on the defensive end. They often lose goals against teams that are not far apart in strength. appear.


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