Qualification in Europe Switzerland vs Lithuania: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 28,2021


Current statistics of Switzerland

Switzerland defeated Bulgaria 3-1 in the first away game in the last game, ending the recent seven-game losing streak in the international arena, and morale has rebounded. The team’s recent defensive performance has been relatively poor. In the past nine games, they have conceded goals in all competitions. However, it is understandable that most of these games are against strong teams such as Germany, Spain and Belgium. Switzerland still maintains a relatively stable performance.

Current statistics of Lithuania

Lithuania lost to Kosovo 0-4 in a friendly match last game, and has been mediocre in international competitions recently. The team currently ranks only 129 in the world rankings. The last UEFA Europa League competition was only divided into the C-League and was almost relegated in the competition. The competitiveness is extremely low. And they are in the same group as Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Northern Ireland. They are the weakest in the group. The hope of qualifying is basically zero. It is estimated that there will be a high probability that the entire series will lack fighting spirit.


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