Qualification in Europe Spain vs Kosovo: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on 2021-03-31 10:22


Current statistics of Spain

Spain's performance in this qualifier was actually not ideal. Greece was tied in the first game, and then although Georgia defeated Georgia 2-1 in the second game, the whole process was thrilling. Spain currently ranks second with 4 points in the standings, 2 points behind Sweden. From the historical record point of view, Spain has not won the first match in the 5 world preliminaries before, and 3 of them have not qualified for the finals, so they must be very cautious in every next event.

Current statistics of Kosovo

Although Kosovo also has several players playing for the five major league teams, most of their other players are from the second- and third-rate small leagues. The overall strength is only third-rate in Europe. In the first round of the qualifiers, Kosovo is 0- at home. 3 The fiasco was at the feet of Sweden. They were almost unable to fight back in the whole game, showing a huge gap with the first-class team. This round of away to challenge Spain, which is in desperate need of victory, it is estimated that Kosovo will not escape the fate of being slaughtered again.


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