Qualification in Europe Scotland vs Austria: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 25,2021


Current statistics of Scotland

Scotland lost 0-1 to Israel in the last European League match, and suffered two consecutive losses in the main match. The overall state is not good. The team has recently encountered a lot of obstacles on the offensive end. In the past three games, there have been two zero seals from opponents, and only one goal was scored in the three games. Although Robertson, Tierney, McTominay and other Premier League players are selected in this season's big list, the frontcourt lineup is generally a problem, and Austria may not be able to take advantage of the tough style of the game.

Current statistics of Austria

Austria played the group's first place in the last European League of Nations and successfully advanced to the A-League. The overall strength cannot be underestimated. They have scored goals in the past eight games, and the offensive stability is excellent, but the bad news is that Bayern’s Alaba and SIPG’s forward Anautović have failed due to epidemic prevention regulations. Returning to the team, the loss of strength is serious, and there is a certain risk of losing points in this away game.


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