Qualification in Europe Russia vs Slovenia: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 27,2021


Current statistics of Russia

Russia is a second-rate team in Europe. Although there are also Golovin and Milanchuk who play in the five major leagues, most of the other players in the team are playing for the Russian Super League teams, and the personal strength of the players is only average. In the first round of the world preliminaries, they defeated Malta 3-1, the weakest in this group. However, there is no guarantee of victory for the powerful Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia, and Russia.

Current statistics of Slovenia

Slovenia belongs to a third-rate team in Europe. Most of the players in the team play in the second and third-rate leagues in Europe, but there are also stars with good personal ability such as Oblak who played for Atletico and Ilysic who played for Atlanta. In the first round of the world preliminaries, Slovenia defeated the strongest Croatia in this group 1-0 at home, which really gave the outside world a surprise. If they can score more points in Russia this round, then they definitely have a chance to hit the top two positions in the group.


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