Qualification in Europe Netherlands vs Latvia: Match Preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 27,2021


Current statistics of Netherlands

The Netherlands is currently ranked 14th in the world and is the strongest team in Group G. However, the team suffered from Waterloo in the first round and lost to the second-tier European team Turkey 2-4 in the first game. The good momentum of the previous 2 consecutive victories was ended and the performance was very unstable. However, there are many stars like De Jong, Dericht, Depay, etc. who have played for the top five leagues, and their fighting ability is very good.

Current statistics of Latvia

On the contrary, Latvia is a fourth-rate team in Europe. The team currently lacks a core. Almost all players in the team come from the European minor leagues. The latest world ranking is 136. In the first home game of this European qualifier, with advanced goals, the final 1-2 was reversed by Montenegro, who was stronger than his own. The good momentum of 2 wins and 1 tie in the previous 3 matches was also ended. However, statistics show that the team's recent away defense has been good, conceding only 2 goals in the last 4 away games, and 2 of them have blocked opponents.


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