Qualification in Europe Malta vs Russia: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 24,2021


Current statistics of Malta

Although Malta is an unremarkable underdog in the European field, their performance in the previous competitions was impressive. After 6 games, they played a wave of 2 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss. In the end, it missed the top spot of the group by 3 points, but it was considered to have proved its strength to the world. Up to now, counting the warm-up matches, Malta has been unbeaten for 7 consecutive games. Although the opponents are weak during the period, the gold content is not high. But the morale is still very encouraging, and the team has risen to 176 in the world ranking, which is 17 places higher than before. It can be seen that the small team of Malta is still a bit weaker. Strength.

Current statistics of Russia

Russia is currently ranked 39th in the world, which is 19 places down from the previous ranking. In the past six events, including warm-up matches, Russia not only has a hard-to-find victory, but also lost 0-5 during the period. At the feet of Sevilla, the face was completely discouraged. The main reason was that the team lacked an offensive core at that time, which caused the team to face the dilemma of offensive weakness. Even in the face of Moldova, it failed to score a goal. In the first phase of the big list, the main players including Juba, Milanchuk and Golovin are all selected, I believe the team is expected to return to normal levels.


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