Qualification in Europe Lithuania vs Italy: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 31,2021


Current statistics of Lithuania

Lithuania currently only ranks 129 in the world rankings. The last UEFA Europa League competition was only divided into the C-League and was almost relegated in the competition. The competitiveness is extremely low, and the same group as Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Northern Ireland , Belongs to the weakest in the group, the team faced Switzerland in the last round of European qualifiers, and finally lost 0-1, currently it is a two-game losing streak.

Current statistics of Italy

The Italian national team is currently ranked 10th in FIFA. After all, they are a traditional strong team. They have performed very well since last year’s Europa League. They are currently unbeaten. They faced Northern Ireland, which is not too weak in the first round. There were also more dangerous scenes, but they were all resolved. The last round against Bulgaria was also a 2-0 victory, and morale is currently at a high level.


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