Qualification in Europe Kosovo vs Sweden: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on 2021-03-28 10:36


Current statistics of Kosovo

The second round of the European qualifiers for Group B continued to stage many good shows, among which Kosovo played against Sweden in the first round. Kosovo is the first game in this game, currently ranked 117 in the world, it can be called the fish belly team of this group, the overall strength is not strong. The previous UEFA Europa League match only won 1 game, and it was still the last battle to defeat the weaker Moldova, and the gold content was insufficient. And the team has recently warmed up in a friendly match, winning 4-0 at home to Lithuania, and recently won 2 consecutive victories, and the state is good.

Current statistics of Sweden

In contrast, Sweden ranks 20th in the world, and its overall strength is significantly higher than its opponents. There is basically no suspense in this game. In the first round of Group B, the team defeated Georgia 1-0 at home, winning a good start and encouraging morale. Moreover, the god Taib was re-elected to the national team squad after many years, and the team's strength has undoubtedly improved a lot. And in the first round, Claysson scored the only goal in the game with an assist, in a hot state. Facing the low-powered Kosovo this time, this trip to Sweden is worthy of pursuit.


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