Qualification in Europe Italy vs Northern Ireland: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 25,2021


Current statistics of Italy

Italy's performance in the last few major competitions is relatively ordinary. In the last World Cup, they were even blocked by Sweden from the finals, and they were really suffocated. However, after Mancini took office, Italy's record has improved significantly. In the previous European Cup qualifiers and the European National League, Italy successfully won the group first. This time in the world preliminaries group stage, Italy's goal is of course to continue to get the first place in the group.

Current statistics of Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is only a mid-range team in Europe. They unexpectedly reached the finals in the last European Cup. However, in the following World Cup qualifiers and the European League, Northern Ireland failed to achieve good results. , But in fact, this is also an objective manifestation of their overall strength. In this European preliminaries, they are in a group with strong teams such as Italy and Switzerland. It is estimated that the hope of qualifying is still quite slim.


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