Qualification in Europe Ireland vs Luxembourg: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 27,2021


Current statistics of Ireland

Ireland is currently ranked 42 in the world, much higher than its rival Luxembourg. In the first round of the game, the team lost to Serbia 2-3 and was opened. Moreover, the previous game was in the B-League 6 games without a win, only ranked third in Group D, and only scored 1 goal during the period, the offensive firepower is relatively weak. In recent years, Ireland's strength level has declined year by year. Recently, it has lost 10 consecutive games in various competitions. It has only scored 4 goals and lost 11 goals, and performed poorly on both offense and defense.

Current statistics of Luxembourg

Luxembourg is currently ranked 98 in the world, which is one of the underdogs of European teams, and its strength is much lower than that of Ireland. The team has only had one warm-up game recently, during which it lost to Qatar 0-1, and also received a red card. The players play very aggressively. Since then, the team has lost 3 in 4 games in all competitions, and has not won, and the state is quite sluggish. However, in this field, Ireland is undoubtedly the dominant player, and Luxemburg's move is more lucky.


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